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Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is a Colorado-born company that creates high-quality, custom-made photo books, prints and gifts with a focus on responsibly sourced materials and elevated design.

The company is inspired by “the disappearing beauty of the tangible” and by the belief that everyone has a story to tell created through the permanence of your everyday photographs. By honouring that which is meaningful Artifact Uprising used the printed medium to create a community based on photographic inspiration and printed projects.

Sisters Katie & Jenna launched Artifact Uprising on October 92012. After working as professional photographers for 8 years. They used their decade of experience as they elevated the permanence of their documented lives – everyday photographs – and turned their hundreds of thousands of photos on their phones and computers into elevated printed photo goods.

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The idea was that all these moments lay there sitting in their computer which prompted the simple question of ‘What are we leaving behind?’ The sisters when back to this question time and time again. They spent three years experimenting with baking books in their oven, ideating, prototyping, until the dream of a photo book business eventually came off.

Staying true to their authentic vision, the sisters created a creatively driven business that taps into the collective need to store and give permanence to special moments in life. They infused this vision with a tangible sense of conscious choice, where they give “good materials” a second life by sourcing recycled papers for book pages and wood products made from locally-sourced fallen beetle-kill pine. There is a strong sense of pride in being an authentic company that stays true to its eco-conscious roots.

“We work – every single day – to create a better company: one that empowers the creative in everyone, one that remains true to its eco-conscious roots”

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Photobook Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising describe how they look to “their own backyard: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado” as one of the wild places that reminds them that “materials matter” and how these affect both the quality of the paper and the company’s environmental impact. Artifact Uprising are one of the of the first photo book companies to feature progressive, recycled fibres in their hardcover books. They are proud to partner with Mohawk Papers for many of their products as the company employs an overarching commitment to the concept of extended stewardship.

Mohawk ( and the Environment Mohawk is committed to a cleaner, healthier environment. For example one of the papers used in book pages, is 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. This paper is acid-free, FSC Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, manufactured with wind power and provides outstanding print performance.

Another wonderful example of getting inspiration from their surroundings, is the story of their local Mountain Beetle Pine which is a reclaimed fallen pine used in their wood calendars. On this particular project, the company collaborated with the Azure Furniture Company to harness this otherwise wasted resource into sustainable products. In four years they helped support Azure in reclaiming 250,000 feet of fallen pine in the Rocky Mountain forests—and this is only the beginning.

Artifact Uprising accept the responsibility that they are part of an industry that depends heavily on energy, water and other natural resources, and that they need to protect the natural resources and processes that sustain their business and consumers lives. By controlling the environmental impact of the papers they offer and by using renewable wind generated electricity to manufacture the paper is a wonderful example of environmental support. So next time you find a speckled mark on the paper, this will remind you of the paper’s past and recycled fiber within.  These are all seen as “ beauty marks of a better choice for the environment” and demonstrate the commitment to protect the world’s natural resources.

We believe each of us will – in time – do something really, really nice for the world.

Artifact Uprising

The ethos of creating and the drive towards acting on things that matter is inspirational. This is why the Artifact Uprising website is filled with personal stories and why the sisters continue to surround themselves with people “who challenge them to think differently and show up to do the hard work.” In celebration of Earth Day, they planted trees in areas of deforestation. By providing a link on their Facebook page, customers were invited to sign their name & trees where then planted with customers name in their honour. This was accompanied by a very thought-provoking affirmation: We know this act won’t change the world overnight – but little by little – our small strides become big. Artifact Uprising proudly stand behind the products they create and the choices they think matter by sharing their story and asking people to share and contribute to the world.