FloVibe Wellness and Music festival where Retreat meets Festival

The wellness and holistic living scene is expanding, we’ve done the lifestyle quotes, the incredibly cool poses, the clean eating, the mindfulness, the soul-searching need to reconnect through long-haul retreats. From 2017, wellbeing, mindfulness, yoga, pilates and holistic treatments enter the festival scene. Courtesy, of a London-based team of movers and shakers that has come together to create FloVibe, the first wellness & music festival of its kind in the UK.

So what is this about? Imagine a weekend by a lakeside location, with yoga masterclasses, dance + movement workshops, wellness treatments, live music and DJ’s all rolled into one. Imagine escaping for a wellness weekend and finding everything you love in one place; from delicious food to quirky new musicians. Imagine meeting like-minded people while you wander through the woods, finding a space to restore breathe and feel alive…

FloVibe festival is the brainchild of Jason Pooley, founder of The House of Yoga London, one of the UK’s leading yoga communities. After a year in the making we caught up with Jason, and he told us “FloVibe is about discovery, a festival designed to nourish and re-energise your mind, body and soul. By merging wellness and music, we are bringing together the best of both worlds.” Taking from the yoga philosophy, it’s all about the unification of our disparate parts to create a whole. Jason continues: “We’re a hybrid festival because we believe life is all about balance, you’ll get to experience all the benefits of mindful living in a festival setting far away from city life. We believe that to be truly well, we need to be in it together.”

“FloVibe is born out of a desire to be wild and live well, to create empowerment through mindful movement and nourishment from the inside out. An open-hearted weekend of indulging your inner child at the start of the summer.”

To expand on the yogic philosophy behind this event, lets draw another parallel – this festival is about empowerment and playfulness. Take charge of your wellness by designing your daily classes and workshops. Explore your inner nature by taking time and space to reconnect with yourself, in your own way. Create your personal journey by activity hopping and doing all the things you love, which define your own experience. Take a meditation class or treat yourself to a reflexology session; continue to explore and follow your curiosity, discovering at leisure a new artist, an inspiring teacher or a new dish.

Revel in the priceless freedom to wake up in nature and wander around following your bliss and soundtrack; because as with all festivals, music is paramount. At FloVibe you can listen to a variety of music, genre-hopping artists, incredible Dj’s and performing storytellers. The weekend music line-up is curated by Jam Sandwich, London’s eclectic live music events company. Jam Sandwich Live. Keep an eye out for announcements as the line-up continues to be unveiled; but expect an interweaving of live hip-hop, house, jazz, roots, reggae, folk, disco & soul. Explosive, soulful and uplifting, a little bit of everything we love.

Whatever you choose to do, you are tuning in with yourself and going with the flow; re-aligning your inner child to your dreams. And as far as children go, FloVibe offers a crafted children’s area with kid’s mindfulness and yoga classes; as well as many games and attractions to experience play and interaction with the environment. The festival promotes a sense of community where everyone, of all ages, comes together to celebrate with friends and family in total freedom and beautiful surroundings.

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The FloVibe event organizers encourage car-sharing and train journeys as the most eco-friendly mode of travel. Onsite camping is included in the weekend ticket, and you are invited to get fully immersed in the festival experience by camping out. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience then glamping is your thing, you can book your own boutique tent and bedding with home comforts and personalised details with Hotel Bell Tent. As an exclusive FloVibe partner, Hotel Bell Tent will bring an extra dimension of comfort and luxury to the festival experience by providing a variety of tent sizes, dedicated rest areas, campfires and staff to assist you during your stay. Boutique bedding is now available to book at Hotel Bell Tent

FloVibe is part of a new generation of events that bring together a multitude of arts and wellness practices, to present a holistic perspective towards well-being and entertainment. Where feeling well and sharing moments with loved-ones is nourishing to the soul. Where health becomes more valuable than possessions, and looking after one’s-self is the new cool.

The emergence of events such as FloVibe Festival is testimony to the fact that conscious living does not have to be boring either. We are in an era where we are moving towards the definition of new lifestyle choices and the search for experiences that define people’s hybrid tastes and hobbies. This festival is for everyone, precisely because it offers many activities on the surface, but rests on the backbone of a universal and social need for humans to come together to rest and play, side by side.