Rafia hat by Sans Archidet Paris

Sans Arcidet Paris


The Golden Standard of Raffia in the Accessories Fashion World

Sans Arcidet stands for Parisian style and fair. Founded by three sisters in 2000 this brand has quickly become the Golden Standard of the utilisation of “Raffia” in the Accessories Fashion World. Designed in Paris, the collection is handmade by women artisans using Raffia from Madagascar as its centre material.

Raffia is a 100% natural fibre made from Raffia palm leaves. This versatile material is produced from the membrane on the underside of each individual frond leaf. The membrane is taken off to create a long thin fibre, which can be dyed and woven as a textile into products. Traditionally used to make mats and baskets this material has been widely used throughout the world in textiles. Sans Arcidet have elevated this material into a line of highly coverable and fashionable creations that celebrate the nature of natural fibres.

Sans Arcidet Paris

Raffia has never been a “fashion word” for the founders. Instead this was a material that they were surrounded by and grew up with during their childhood upbringing in Madagascar. Their father used to work for the French company Air France and the whole family left France to live there in the 70’s… This is how the three sisters discovered the colours, flavours and the heritage of Madagascar. The memories of Raffia carpets, baskets, little giraffe toys where soaked up, remained with them until their return to France.

Corinne, the elder sister is the main designer and stylist. She draws and creates the collections. Myriam and Sylvie (the 2 other sisters) put the French touch on the products. This real “dream team” share the same love, passion and creative flair that turn their ideas into an eclectic range of accessories including hats and baskets in a range of colours and textures. The pieces are inventive and incorporate inspiration from all their travels in the world and a celebration of their discoveries during their holiday trips. A look into their website is like plunging into their dream world made of exotic beaches and palm trees.

A unique fashion sense that combines tropical Madagascar infusions with French “Parisienne” chic; is not however the unique strength of the brand.

Rafia hat - Sans Arcidet
Sans Arcidet Paris bag and hat
Sans Arcidet Paris

Aside from using a fully recyclable material; there is a very strong sense of community that remains from their childhood in Madagascar. Corinne, who still spends most of her time in Madagascar – set up her own workshops near the Malagasy capital. Exclusively working with Malagasy women, Corinne supports this community by providing full-time jobs and helping them organise their own lives for their family. Some women come to work every day. Others come to take the raw raffia and work home taking care of their family and come back with a finished product to the workshop for finish and quality control. Corinne has taken the role of a “mum” for those ladies who have been working with the sisters since the beginning of the adventure. It is a fantastic partnership between those courageous ladies that provide the artisanal product and the brand.

Taking it one step further, the brand is very conscious of the environmental and sustainable impact of their productions and take social responsibility as a company very seriously. The brand is constantly researching and working on new products by replacing leather by some new materials and by using a dye that is 90% vegetal. The most successful colour in the range is the “Tea” colour which is made from real tea and makes wonderful natural beige.

factory worker- Sans Arcidet
Factory worker- Sans Arcidet Paris
Factory workers

The brand is a true reflection of the three sisters – a mix of nature (Raffia from Madagascar) and sophistication (Paris) with a high-end quality and delivery. Each season the brand presents collections of bags, baskets and hats around a chosen theme. Alongside its “Timeless” collection which is constantly revisited with new options of colours and materials, Sans Arcidet Paris is constantly renewing itself to blend craftsmanship with glamorous Parisian touch. With a busy schedule ahead, you will find the new summer presentations unveiled the following dates: 26-28 July 2017 Tokyo, Fashion Show In France; 3-6 August 2017 Melbourne, Living Life In Style; 8-11 September 2017 Paris, First Class Show and 28 Sep-1 Oct 2017 Paris, First Class Tuileries.

Rafia bag by Sans Archidet Paris
Rafia bag- Sans Achidet Paris