One of the few five star natural Ayurvedic retreat, spa and wellness resort in Bali, Indonesia, Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa is known for offering life changing treatments that are based on the ancient healing techniques. Our well-qualified and vastly-experienced healers, motivators, natural therapists, and yoga and meditation teachers help eliminate the distress, disturbances, and deterrents in your life, career, and relationships.
Sukhavati Indonesia Spa understands the significance of good health, and mental and emotional balance in your life. If you lead a calm and healthy lifestyle, your relationships, career and wealth all will prosper. Our Mengwi Badung Spa offer programs that help you gain health and wellness.
Our yoga and meditation methods can effectively heal problems like anxiety and stress, and help you stay away from resultant health problems such as cancer, blood pressure, insomnia, heart diseases, fatigue, and other common ailments. All these health issues are a result of stress that we take in our daily life. We, at our Badung retreat and wellness center, suggest you natural healing techniques that aid you to overcome many health related problems and to bring your life back on track.

Sukhavati Resort and Spa Bali

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa aims to nourish and restore the health and wellness by promoting the valuable ancient practices of Ayurveda and meditation. Whether you are suffering from chronic health problems, or looking to alleviate stress, we have a series of natural Ayurvedic healing exercises that can enhance your wellbeing.



Originated in India, Ayurveda is thousands of years old science, which employs natural methods to cure an array of health problems.

These natural methods include natural exercises like yoga-aasanas, meditation or dhyana, and medications or aushadhi.

If we break the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, we find Ayur and Veda, that imply life and knowledge or science, respectively.

Hence, Ayurveda can simply be termed as the science of life.
Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa has developed well-researched Ayurvedic programs that alleviate many health related issues and bring the wellness the natural way.
The thorough consultation at the beginning of the program, we scale your exact ailments or dosha, which in Sanskrit are worded as Vata, Pitta and Kaf or Kapha.

Ayurveda Treatment Sukhavarti Resort Bali
Entrance Sukhavati Resort Bali
Room at Sukhavati Resort Bali


Sukhavati, a prominent Bali yoga retreat center, runs daily yoga sessions to bring you closer to your spiritual and healthier side.

Our programs are designed to make you more aware of the posture, alignment, patterns, and movements of your body.
Yoga lightens up all the stress and mental and emotional burdens that your body takes, and provides more immunity, resilience and adjustability.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis triggers the functions of brain that help you realize your physical and mental potential, energizing you physically and emotionally.

The yoga retreat programs in Bali help relieve the body from pains, leaving the mind clear and settled.
Yoga postures or aasanas suggested by our Yoga retreat Bali center allow your body to gain a great flexibility and strength.
The benefits of Yoga Programs offer at Sukhavati:
• Release tension from the body
• Relieve stress
• Improve flexibility of the body
• Relax and lead to mental clarity
• Recognize the healing and spiritual potentials of the body
• Vitalize the blood flow and lymphatic fluids
• Lower the level of toxins in the body
• Improve flexibility and strength
• Boost the flow of oxygen into the body, enrich the purity of blood and calm the central nervous system through Pranayama (breathing technique)

Guru Ji (Made Warnawa)
and Agung (Anak Agung Dalem Mulia) are two renowned Yoga teachers at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, who train our guests to adapt yoga, pranayama, and meditation in their everyday life.
Yoga sessions are a part of all our Rejuvenation Programs.

Pool at Sukhavati Resort Bali


Sukhavati hosts a wide range of facilities for you to enjoy during your stay.

Swimming Pools

The main swimming pool is located in the centre of the estate. There are also three Private Pool Villas that also host swimming pools.

Yoga & Meditation Pavilion

Start and end the day with healing yoga sessions in the Yoga Pavilion. Looking out over the estate, the view truly sets the scene for rejuvenation. If yoga isn’t what you are after then you may wish to join the staff for a group meditation session before lunch.

River Deck

Sink into a day bed with a fresh juice and enjoy the panoramic views of the tropical jungle from the River Deck and relish the beautiful sense of relaxation.


Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa


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Phone +61 3 9499 8099