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Wright & Smith is a global forum of artisans and makers who are passionate about quality craftsmanship and design. 

We present a curated selection of beautifully designed and exceptionally crafted products for you and your home. 

While you enjoy finding pieces from around the world, we will introduce you to the people and the skills that create them.

Welcome to Wright & Smith, where you will find a curated selection of beautifully designed and exceptionally crafted contemporary home décor for you and your home.

Wright & Smith is a global forum of artisans and makers – wrights and smiths! – who are passionate about quality craftsmanship and design. Many of our artisans’ skills are honed across borders or over generations.

At Wright & Smith we offer a shopping experience.  See our BUYERS GUIDE here.  While you enjoy shopping for beautiful things, we  introduce you to the people, the design and the skill that create them. We bring together stories from around the world in one beautiful place – stories for you to enjoy and become a part of while supporting traditional skills of excellence in the twenty first century.

The artisans, who you meet here, operate in small workshops and are masters of their craft.  In some cases, this is the first time they are making their work directly available to you.  So, wherever you are, with the help of Wright & Smith, you can find that special piece, which you know few others will have.

Our aim is for the Wright & Smith experience to bring you beautifully made pieces and to inspire you to follow the evolution of design and craftsmanship today. Our DIGEST, published monthly, is an excellent way to keep in touch and will update you with news of member artisans as well as new studios and products that we find.

Wright & Smith has been established by a global team of design and creative professionals who are passionate about finding the very best skilled craftspeople from around the world. Every product we feature has been specially selected, by us, as the best that maker has to offer.

We have staff in Asia and Europe and would love to hear from you if you have suggestions for makers we may not have found yet!

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Accessories, artists, ceramics, furniture, lightening, tableware, textiles, wall & floor

To my mind, an object’s real value lies in the skill, the design and the craftsmanship that has gone into producing it.  And this is what we want to show you at Wright & Smith.  We are here to help you make an informed choice about your purchase and enjoy connecting with the people who have made it.

I feel very lucky that my job is to bring stories of craftsmanship and design together for you.  Everyday, I get to speak to artisans and designers all over the world and gain a little insight into their lives.  While I am sitting at my desk in Hong Kong’s afternoon sun, I may be speaking with a weaver in Scotland who is up early checking their looms at the start of the day or a carpenter who is on his way home for the night in New Zealand.   Our ability to make these global connections in the twenty-first century actually gives us a great opportunity to support and nurture the traditional skills and values of creative endeavour within their local contexts.

“Please enjoy exploring the Wright & Smith website.  You will meet some wonderful people here and find some beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship, which I hope will find a place in your story too”.