The Yoga Barn- Bali- Ubud

The Yoga Barn – Bali – Ubud

The Yoga Barn’s mission has always been to provide a relaxed and inspiring environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul through daily classes, workshops and retreats in Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Ayurveda, Detox, Breathwork, various Healing modalities and more. Much thought goes into the diverse programming and the teaching team strive to provide classes and other events to the highest quality, taught with deep knowledge, life experience and sincerity.

Located in downtown Ubud, The Yoga Barn provides respite from the traffic and chaos of Ubud’s main streets. Conveniently accessible from two entrances – one entrance is located on Jln Pengosekan, (a short wander down Jln Hanoman past Coco Supermarket) and the second entrance is located on Jln Tebeseya, just outside the Yoga Barn Guest House and includes a parking lot.

The Yoga Barn has grown over the years and now includes 6 yoga studios, a 10 room Guest House, a Healing Center with cleansing and colonics, an Ayurvedic Massage & Treatment Center, a branch of the Bali Yoga Shop, an outdoor amphitheater with a Juice Bar as well as the garden branch of Ubud’s local restaurant gem, Kafe.

With over 100 classes per week dedicated to yoga, healing, dance, breathwork and movement there is truly something for everyone.

The Yoga Barn - Bali- Ubud
Yogis at The Yoga Barn - Bali- Ubud

The Yoga Barn houses a total of 6 studios: 2 of which cater to our daily program of classes & workshops and 3 that are used for retreats and trainings, often on a rental basis.


Yoga Barn Founders

Meghan Pappenheim, Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn, Director of The BaliSpirit Group & Executive Producer of The BaliSpirit Festival

Originally from New York City, Meg took her first Hatha yoga class at the New York Open Center on Spring Street at the age of 13…. She recalls sitting in warm wooden room surrounded by women and men in one-piece leotards, many with grey hair.  It was in that room, that Meg began her yoga and health centric journey, becoming an avid information seeker of various spiritual traditions. A few years later between high school and college, Meg spent a summer as an Ashramer at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, where she continued her study of Yoga, adding Ayurveda and healthy Veganism to the mix. Meg LOVED living at the Ashram and loved her fellow students but walked away with a strong distaste for the GURU syndrome that afflicted the Institute. H er learning affects the way she approaches the Yoga Barn as a similar type of institution today.

Once in college Meg found herself on a year-long travelling and s tudying journey through Italy, Greece and finally, Bali. On that trip Meg focused on the Language, Arts & Culture of Bali, c ompleting her BA in Art History, Anthropology and Asian studies with a focus on Indigenous Folk Art of Bali. That same fateful year, Meg met the man who later became her husband, Made ‘Dekgun’ Gunarta.  Together, Meg and Dek have developed a vibrant group of companies that support various outreach & development programs (link to outreach programs info) in Bali .

Meg believes wholly that SMEs and Corporation should include community development as part of their missions and she abides by that as much as possible.  Meg believes that generosity makes the world go round and that people who practice the art of giving will always be rewarded.

I Made Gunarta, Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn, Director of Community Relations & Co-Founder of The BaliSpirit Festival

Pak Dek

has been a fundamental component of The Yoga Barn’s vision to connect with the Community.  Dek is an accomplished architect and is the vision behind the aesthetic Balinese style of The Yoga Barn, which is all created with reclaimed wood and hand-crafted elements.

Dek comes from a long lineage of socially minded Balinese; his great-grandfather, the Head of The Sacred Monkey Forest restoration project in the early ‘70’s, and his mother, a school principal for over 30 years, are just two of his role models.

In 2010 Dek took revitalization of the Monkey Forest into his own hands and launched a reforestation project planting hundreds of trees and creating a safer and leafier home for the indigenous and sacred macaque monkeys. Along with his wife, Meg, Dek is also the co-founder of Yayasan Kryasta Guna, a not-for-profit environmental, arts and cultural organization with a mission to inspire local youths in Ubud to invest in their environment & community while learning about their Balinese traditions.

In 2016 Dek  started an organic farming initiative 45mins north of Ubud and spends much of his time working on the land.

Charley Patton – co-founder

A native Californian, Charley escaped the corporate world after 16 years in 2004 by embarking on a year-long solo bicycle journey through Southeast Asia.  En route to Cambodia via Australia, he stopped in Bali for what was supposed to have been two weeks. After 12 years, Charley’s heart remains in Bali with his commitment to The Yoga Barn, as a co-founder.

Charley’s passion for yoga he attributes to three amazing teachers; Bob Smith, Ki McGraw & Mark Whitwell. 

Bob & Ki are owners of The Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle, Washington.  They have a small shala just outside of Ubud and run Bali-based teacher trainings annually in June.  Bob has been deeply immersed in yoga for over 45 years, and he & Ki have a wealth of information to share in the seamless way they instruct together.  Charley studied with Bob & Ki in 2004, 2005 and completed their teacher training in 2007.

Mark has taught yoga for over twenty years throughout the US, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  He was the editor and contributor to TKV Desikachar’s book The Heart of Yoga.  Mark is a frequent presenter @ The Balispirit Festival.  Charley has studied with Mark in both the US and Bali.

Charley is passionate about using documentary films as a medium for social change. He commenced and curates Yoga Barn’s popular Monday Movie program, where every other week, The Yoga Barn previews films on subjects ranging from social justice, environmental concerns, awakening consciousness & spirituality.  Charley is also a talented DJ and the music maestro behind The Yoga Barn’s popular Sunday Dance, whenever he is in Bali.

Charley’s ethos as Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn is to change people’s lives for the better, and believes (like Joseph Campbell) that each of us have unique and special talents to offer the world.  The Yoga Barn exists to help each of us, “discover our Passion and follow our Bliss”.

Meg from The Yoga Barn - Bali- Ubud

Meghan Pappenheim

Pak Dek from The Yoga Barn Bali Ubud

Pak Dek

Charley Patton From the Yoga Barn- Bali - Ubud

Charley Patton

Juice Cleanse and Detox Programs at The Yoga Barn

When our bodies are out of balance it affects all parts of our lives, from our physical health, our relationships, energy levels and weight, to the way we manage stress and how we feel about ourselves. If you feel you are ready for a real life transformation, to listen, rest and reset your body and learning how to make changes to continue living healthy lifestyle after your time with us – a cleanse program or detox retreat at The Yoga Barn could be just for you!

Why cleanse and detox? What are the benefits?

Fasting has enormous benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual body. It allows the digestive system to rest and recharge, allowing a detoxification of the body, leading to improved mental clarity. The body has a feeling of lightness and increased energy levels and is able to heal and cleanse habitual emotional patterns, promoting an inner reflection and stillness within.

At The Yoga Barn, we use simple, safe and effective techniques which integrate the mind, body and spirit that have been used over thousands of years.

We offer a 3-Day Juice Cleanse and a 7-Day Detox Program



KUSH is an enriched environment where you can enjoy either one or a series of single treatments or even better. For most of the therapies we establish your current body or Dosha type and this creates the basis for your treatment regimen and remedies that are selected specifically for you. For an in-depth consultation to address specific concerns or for an educational diet/lifestyle design, we can make an appointment for you with one of our specialists.

KUSH treatments focus on balance and rejuvenation. Each healing ceremony draws from ancient Vedic and Tantric practices. Our dedication to authenticity of technique, purity of product and devotion to optimum health and wellbeing have resulted in the development of a healing environment like no other in Bali.

All of KUSH’s therapists have a deep seated knowledge in Indonesian bodywork and have undergone many months of dedicated training in the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.

The Yoga Barn Bali Ubud
The Yoga Barn Bali- Ubud

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn – Bali – Ubud


Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Phone +62 361 971236